Dreamstone Site

I wanted this next image as big as possible to give you an idea of the scale I work in so you'll forgive me if it takes a few seconds to appear!

This is Dreamhenge!

Although not all the stones are there in this picture - it was hard enough for the photographer to fit them all in anyway! As you can see I do not do anything by the "half-measure"! I anticipate that it will take me three and a half to four years to transform these stones into art starting early 2001. By the time I am finished I will have a collection of seven large sculpture on display at the Hospital. This I hope will be a big enough to draw publicity - in particular the T.V. I believe this will be my first real opportunity to sell my work.


I work mainly by hand. I cannot afford the equipment for pneumatic chisels. I do have a large disc cutter which helps remove large rough areas. I also require a sturdy drill for helping me 'pierce' the stone. But I would say roughly 90% of the work is done by hand. Keeps me fit!

Stone Delivery

I choose to work mainly in Portland Limestone which I get from Portland Isle off the coast of Dorset, UK. It is a class A building stone and although not quite as hard as marble is very durable. I note that stone prices have doubled in the last seven years. I just hope I can find a sponsor next time I need more stone...!?

Lastly every site needs somewhere to relax and have a cuppa - what better than my own sculpture, 'Love'. If you would like to visit me at work please first contact me via the contact button and I will give you directions (and times). See you there!