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My Recent Main Sponsors...

Millennium Awards Fellowship
Arts Council of England

Charities I have supported...

Rockinghorse Appeal For Sick Children
A local charity helping a childrens hospital that I support. The sculpture 'Love' was made to promote the newly formed Appeal in 1992/3.

Yes for a second time - well they have helped me a lot and I won't forget that.


Some other links of interest...

Mental Health Media
Our mission is to reduce discrimination on mental health grounds by promoting the diversity, visibility and credibility of people with experience of mental distress.

LindenJ Web design
3sixty is a friendly, helpful chap. To be recommended if you have a site to build

BI Crawshaw & Co
Machinery and Consumables for Stone, Marble and Granite

Tiranti's Sculptors' Tools
Sculptors' Tools, Materials and Studio Equipment, for Carving, Modelling, Mouldmaking, Casting & Restoration.


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