Brighton Bronze

Dreamstone has offered the City of Brighton & Hove a Bronze of 'Love' at cost price. 'Love' was made with the City of Brighton & Hove in mind. Brighton has long prided itself as the Prince's naughty get away... The Pavillion is an old testament to this. 'Love' is a modern interpretation of this long held reputation - in the cleanest and highest sense. The sculpture is interactive; it comfortably seats two people facing each other through the heart. 'Love' embodies the spirit of Brighton; and properly placed, could also be used to symbolise the union of Brighton & Hove as a City.

Add to these facts the UK has just legalised gay partnership/marriage and Brighton is acknowledged as the gay capitol of Europe... Gay partners and tourists alike will flock to have their photographs taken on the "Love Seat" in Brighton & Hove City. If you will pardon my suggestion - it may actually bring a lot of money to Brighton & Hove City.

Being a Bronze, this sculpture would have virtually no longterm maintenance issues where-ever placed...

The City Council has, understandably, said it cannot itself directly fund such a project. Without wanting to go into figures here - even though Dreamstone would take no profit, my approach falls outside the normal Council commissioning process. So the Council may not commit its own money, as it must be seen to follow a process of equal opportunity.

But at no point in our discussion did the Council say they would not like the sculpture, 'Love'.

If Dreamstone finds a sponsor for this project - that falls in with equal opportunity. So Dreamstone is looking for sponsor(s) to make this dream come true... Anyone involved would, of course, get full recognition (assuming they wanted it...) at the inauguration and on a plaque next to the finished Bronze. If you think you have what it takes: contact Giles here.

My view is that this sculpture would be best placed on the seafront. Second choice would be a park. This is open to discussion. There are positives to both choices.