The Creation of Orchiding

This sculpture is my biggest challenge yet! This will also be the best "making of" set of pics so far thanks to The Arts Council grant that enabled the stone-carving classes also providing funds to purchase a digital camera.

I will be starting on a stone weighing in at a minimum of 10 Tonnes. My subject, an orchid, is my most challenging to date and may take several years to complete.

If clicked, all pictures will appear fullsize in a popup window in groups or individually as they are shown. Just close that window to return here. If necessary you may have to allow pop-ups on this site - but I can assure you there will only be pictures of sculpture when links (pics) are clicked - no sleazy advertising.

I will start by showing you my drawings (best seen fullsize)

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Main or Front Elevation

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Side Elevation
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Plan View

The Stone -
My Big Challenge..!!