Current Work In Progress

What you have to remember here is that I am one man working with huge lumps of stone and at the behest of the weather!! I do not use power tools much - most of my work is done by hand and unlike a stone mason who is usually working small moveable pieces of stone; I cannot move mine so getting in a comfortable working position can be very hard. Thus my work is intensive, physically very demanding and at times seemingly slow. They told me over and over again in school,
"Patience is a Virtue"   :-)

My current project is a large impression of an orchid flower. I am not sure what it will be called yet... maybe 'Orchiding' This will be the most complete set of creation photos to date as I now have a digital camera. I hope to include pictures of my drawings too.

This part of the site will take the form of a thumbnail gallery - Just click the link below to see my next sculpture in creation. Once on the thumbs page just click any set of photos to see them properly. I have put them in sets of three or four.

Orchiding Thumbs