The Creation Of

Ear Shell Blows

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The starting block!

Getting the top flat...

Marking out of top surface.

Working vertical lines down from top pattern.

Wrapping round the vertical lines.

Finish wrapping - mark out horizontal lines.

Work horizontal lines through (lower half).

More horizontal lines.

Same this side - get rid of un-necessary bulk quickly.

Upper half gets some attention.

Start to put some flow into the shape.

Here there is a short lapse in my records - many apologies. I now have a digital camera so I hope such breaks will not occur on future work.

Flowing Lines...

This corner was difficult - there was nothing that could be measured - all by eye

Now bringing the flow from the large into the small spiral of the shell.

Now the inner spiral shape starts to appear.

The larger inner shapeing.

First light...! ;o)

The remaining challenge...

done - see finished pics in the Gallery


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