Giles Wright,  The Sculptor.

Curriculum Vitae

Location: Brighton, UK.

Date of Birth: July 1969

To mature as a sculptor of "Extraordinary Stone Sculpture" of artistic value and technical merit. I wish to challenge the minimalism of recent years as regards effort and technical skill. All my work will stand alone anywhere - without the need of a single word to explain. I believe the art should be infront of you - not in a clever essay to one side designed to persuade the viewer they are really looking at art. My primary inspiration is the Environment and the beauty of nature. I hope my work will improve peoples appreciation of the environment - I also hope that my work will be a vehicle to help promote other more "human issues" such as mental health and Aids.

Left Brighton College with 10 O-levels and 1 A/O-level in maths.
Passed O-level Electronics at Varndean VIth Form College.
1988-1989 Weymouth College. Achieved City & Guilds Diploma in Architectural Stone Carving and Masonary.

Work History:
1989-1990 Assistant to/apprentice of John Skelton MBE. A great insight for my chosen path. John taught me much about grace in forms, the flow and beauty of lines. This was my only formal art training and gave me my first experience of a large sculptural project.

Late 1990 completed first major sculpture - 'Respect' Greeted by the Independant Newspaper with a half-page photo on page 2!

1991 Artist in Residence at Brighton College. Working solely on sponsorship, created 'Evolution..?' Unveiled by Sir Christopher Tugendhat OBE, chairman B.A.A.

Late 1991 Secured a grant from the Prince's Trust. Also a pleasing acknowledgement from the stone trade by way of a centre page spread in their Stone Industries magazine.

John Skelton & Giles working on 'Axis Mundi'
Touch to see finished work...

Rockinghorse Appeal - Click to follow link in a new browser window...

1992-1993 Created 'Love' at Brighton Marina. This project was set up to help promote the newly formed Rockinghorse Appeal in aid of my local childrens hospital - The Royal Alexandra. I carved my way through 10.5 tonnes of stone donated by ARC South Western.

Mid 1995 met and befriended a patron who insisted I needed to travel. Her enthusiasm for and faith in my work is a constant source of oft much needed encouragement. Sadly she has passed away but she is not forgotten ;-)

1996-1997 spent travelling Australia. Made several small soapstone sculptures and advised on a civil restoration project of an 18th centuary flour mill. I also lived rough with a Koori/Aboriginal family and got a real insight into their culture and their spirituality.


1998 Secure site for working stone with Stanmer Organics Ltd.

1998-1999 Teamed up with local MIND group and set about applying for a MIND Millenium Fund Grantto enable me to work again.

2000 Success! Large grant from the Millenium Fund enables delivery of stone late in year. Also exhibition at Millview Hospital established.

2001 Start work on Ear Shell Blows.

Millennium Awards Fellowship - Click to follow link in a new browser window...
MIND - Click to follow link in a new browser window...

2002 Sadly workspace vandalised, tools stolen, work delayed.

2003 A grant from the NHS Trust replaces tools. Put up old friend and artist, Elvis Mamvura from Zimbabwe - spent much of summer applying for grants to run Stone Sculpting Classes.

2004 Ran Stone Sculpting Workshops with the help of MIND and a grant from The Arts Council of England. These were therapeutic classes held for mental health service users and disadvantaged people from black and ethnic minorities. Elvis and Giles provided the art and Lynne Ridden was on hand to offer proffessional psychiatric support. To read more about this click here

2005 Exhibition of work made during workshops at Allen Center, Hove. Finished 'Ear-Shell-Blows' and 'Love'. Added the two large sculpture to exhibition at Millview Hospital, Hove. To see the sculptor's statement and more details about the large sculpture available click here


Arts Council of England - Click to follow link in a new browser window...

1991 New Sussex Artists & Photographers Exhibition, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.
1992 Man & Environment in Harmony, Environmental Sculpture Competition. In aid of the World Wildlife Fund and assosiated with the Royal Academy of Arts. Held at 4 Millbank, Westminster, London.
1993 Black Sheep Art Gallery, Brighton.
1996 Yallingup Galleries, SW Australia.
2000 Collection on display in Millview Hospital Grounds. (Semi-permanent; till sold)
2005 Added to collection at the Hospital.

Sponsors & Supporters:
Finally I just must pay tribute and give thanks to the source of my ideas – whatever name your language gives to that higher energy, that is life, and life in its abundance. For me, I thank Jesus.

I must also pay a special thanks to my parents, John Skelton and his wife Myrtle, Gia (my late patron), John Conduct (my C.P.N.), Stanmer Organics (for giving me a work site) and Andy Porter and Graham Millett of Mind for their personal support and belief in me through all my ups and downs.

Lastly I must remember and thank my many and various sponsors/supporters over the years without whom, none of this would have been possible… ARC South Western, Bath & Portland Stone, Chichester Cathedral Workshops, The Worshipful Company of Masons, The Prince’s Trust, The Arts Trust of Brighton & Hove, Brighton College, Brighton Marina, The Booth Museum (Brighton), Gamble Jarvis, National Westminster Bank, American Express (Travel Services), Asda Superstores, The Millennium Fund, The Arts Council of England, Mind in Brighton & Hove and various private donors who will remain anonymous here.

It’s been quite a journey to get here..! My thanks goes to all mentioned here for their time and patience with me, and thankyou last but not least, to Mill View Hospital, Hove for accommodating my work.